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A meeting was held on February 27, 1925 in the Balmoral School to discuss the formation of a North Hill Athletic Club. Motions were made to organize a sports club encompassing curling, skating, quoiting, field sports, baseball, football, tennis, swimming, golfing and hockey. An executive meeting reported that the committee had interviewed the Mayor and Commissioner in regards to the leasing of part of the Crescent Heights park and that they were favorably received. The executive meeting also noted plans for a charter, stock issue ($3.00 each), as well as a membership drive.

By October of 1925, the executive proceeded with grading the site for the hockey rink and in November appointed a caretaker of the skating rink; primarily due to his past experience with the Victoria Curling Club (A south Calgary community). On December 1, 1925 the Executive held their first meeting in their own club room, which at present was also being used as a ladies cloak room. A membership drive ensued that winter and the club registered itself under the name, North Hill Community and Athletic Association.

Skating and hockey were the main winter sports for another year. The sale of shares and whist drives built the funds; until in late 1927 four sheets of natural ice were ready for the curlers (fees $5.00 per year). The curling club also seems to have separated itself from the other sports about this time. Curling was at the whim of the weather, with nearby members rushing over during the night to open or close the side openings as the chinooks came and went. It was reported that vandals would throw rock-salt through the vents, necessitating digging the ice out by hand and replacing it.

By 1937 with the growth in membership, thoughts were given to adding two additional sheets; however, the war intervened. The Saturday niters formed a mixed league in 1941 that remains a part of the Club today. Following the war, improvements were made to the front of the building. In 1949, the Club purchased 15 sets of its own stones (previously members provided their own).

A resolution in 1952 reorganized the Club under the name, North Hill Community Curling Club, and capital raising made it possible to proceed with artificial ice that by April. In 1956, approval was obtained to demolish the existing structure and to build a six sheet facility. An upstairs lounge and a new front entrance were added in 1962. In 1971, new lighting in the arena was installed; causing one wag to remark, that even with the bright lights it was expected that an odd one would miss the broom! The members were at it again in 1974, raising debentures to give the Club a major facelift. Since then, improvements continued to be made. Tragedy struck on August 6, 1995 when an arsonist completely destroyed the building. Some records were saved but very few mementoes of our history. A reconstruction committee was organized and with the help of many in the community and government, a new facility was officially opened on October 6, 1996.


Recognition is given to the curling clubs in Calgary who allowed club members to curl at their facilities during the re-construction period. The new structure is considered by many to be the finest stand-alone curling facility in Alberta.

"Creating a fun and community-minded experience that fosters a positive and lasting interest in
the sport of curling.

- North Hill Curling Club Board of Directors

Our Mission

Foster inclusivity and diversity in the sport of curling by encouraging participation regardless of age, gender, ability, cultural or religious background or sexual orientation. North Hill Curling Club supports eliminating barriers to the sport, thereby creating a positive and welcoming community for all its members.

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Employment Opportunities

Seasonal opportunities to assist with ice preparation, office duties, curling instruction, cafeteria or bartending. If you are interested in employment opportunities, please visit our job postings page for more information.

Employmen Opportunities

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