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Club Playoffs

  • The final go-round for week-night curling finishes on March 5, 2019.
  • The Club Playoffs will run from March 6 through to March 26, 2019.

Club Championship Playoff Winners:

Women: Team Penny Duncan

Men: Team Dean Ross

Open: Team Mark Hellwig

Mixed: Team Brad McArthur

Senior Mens: Team Curtis Booth

Best of the Rest: Team Pierre Mao

The draw is up! Please take note of your draw times below, and keep in mind that all dates and times are subject to change. Check back daily for updates!





Senior Mens

Best of the Rest

Club Championship Divisions

There are 6 Divisions that will play down for the Club Championship. All winners will represent the Club at the Calgary & Area Championships (Cities).  If the Club Champion is unable to represent the club at Cities, the runner-up will represent the club.

Note: Calgary & Area Championships Rules

·       No player can play for more than one team. 

·       Players entering Cities must be 19 years of age as of Dec. 31. 

·       If a winning team has a junior member, they must be substituted.

All evening league teams at the NHCC are eligible to compete in a play-off event commensurate with league performance.

NHCC Qualification Requirements

  • Mens: 16 teams qualify.  The Thursday night Mens league is guaranteed to have eight (8) spots.  The top 8 teams that play in the Thursday Mens league qualify along with the 8 highest teams who have declared they are going into Mens division will make the playoffs.
  • Womens: 8 teams qualify based on points throughout the year.
  • Open:  24 teams qualify based on points throughout the year. Thursday Night Men’s teams are not permitted to play in the Open Division.
  • Mixed:  8 teams qualify. One spot will be available for the Saturday night Mixed league in the Mixed Club Championship.
  • Sr Men: 6 teams qualify.  One spot will be available for the weekday Senior Mens league, if they wish to enter.
  • Sr Women: 6 teams qualify.  One spot will be available for the weekday Senior Womens league, if they wish to enter.

Club Championship Play-off Format

At the beginning of the 4th Go Round teams elect their first and second choice of the 6 divisions they would like to enter.  Teams are arranged from highest total points to lowest total points in the division they elected, with the number of teams as noted above qualifying for the Club Championship round.

NHCC Playoff Election Form 2019

Example: If a team selected to be in the Open division, and if they ranked in the top 24 in points when all the teams that selected the open are listed from top to bottom, that team would be in the Open Championship round.  Likewise, if a team selected the Senior Mens division to go into, they would be ranked with all of the other teams who selected to be in Senior Mens.  The top 6 teams would be in the Senior Mens Championship.

  • Total points to qualify in the divisions will be calculated after the 4th game in the 4th Go Round. This will determine the teams who qualify for play-offs and the seeding in the play-offs.
  • Any ties in points are broken by the draw to the button performed earlier in the year.
  • All Club Championship playoff divisions will be a double knockout.

Best of the Rest Format

Teams that do not qualify for the Club Championship in their chosen division can chose to enter the Best of the Rest play-off round.

  • Best of the Rest shall be a single knockout event.

Club Championship Play-off Rules

  • All games will be eight end games.
  • Normal buzzer rule shall apply (ie, finish the end you are on once the buzzer goes). Should the game be tied at that point, play one additional end. If still tied, one player from each team shall deliver a stone with sweeping; and the closest to the button shall be declared the winner.
  • Games on the 9:00 draw will be given extra time should their sheet not be ready.

The buzzer rule will not apply for the Final Championship games. If the game is tied after regulation, additional ends will be played

  •  Winners of each will represent the Club at the Calgary & Area Club Managers Championships (i.e.: Cities) being held this season at the Calgary Curling Club, April 6-7, 2019.
  • Teams will be seeded based on their elected category and overall aggregate points. There are a limited number of spots in each category. Club playoffs will be a double knockout format for 2018.
  • Teams must complete a playoff form to compete in playoffs. Failure to do so will eliminate your team from participating in the playoffs.
  • Teams will need to be prepared to play on any night of the week.

Substitution Rules

In addition to meeting gender/player requirements of the chosen division, the substitute shall be:

  1. a player from the rover list
  2. a player from the spares list
  3. a player from a registered weeknight league

Rovers may play any position on a Team where as any other substitute must play front end (lead or second).  To be eligible for play a team must have 3 players, including at least 2 of the registered players of the Team.  A Rover may not take the place of a registered player during the playoffs. Teams must address any substitution discrepancies before the commencement of the game. If the issue cannot be resolved a Night Captain or the Club Manager should be notified.

Games for playoffs can happen between Monday and Friday nights so please be prepared to play on any night.  If your team becomes unable to field a legal team and would need to default your next playoff game, please ask the previous team that you played to continue on in your place.