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Policies & Forms

The following policies and forms may be found on this page:   Age of Majority Waiver | Weeknight Spares Listing & Application Form  |  Evening League Priority Criteria  |  Waiting List Ranking  |  Junior Teams  |  Shareholder Application Form

Age of Majority Waiver

Please complete our Age of Majority Waiver and email or bring to the club prior to your first night of curling.

Weeknight Spares Listing

As with any league, there comes a time when a Team needs a player to fill a spot, usually at the last minute. This is a function our Weeknight Leagues also require.  In most instances, new friends are made and often a new team member results. Contact us at the Club and we will provide you with the latest listing.

We have provided a form which when submitted, which after review will add your name to our Substitution List. Be aware that the contact information you have provided will be on this listing.

As with any Club, there are specific “categories” for sparing. Ours has been tested “under fire” over the years and while it may seem a bit over the top, it’s meant to bring fairness to our games.  Please respect them!

Teams are responsible for providing their own spares.  Please see the following options:

  1. a player from the Rover List;
  2. a player from a registered weeknight Team;
  3. a player from the Spare Listing maintained by the Club;
  4. anyone not meeting the above requirements (teams using such a casual curler are requested to have them added to one of the above categories).

Rovers may play any position on a Team, whereas any other spare must play at lead or second.  The difference is that Rovers pay a fee for the privilege and should be preferentially called.

Evening League Priority Criteria

Returning teams are guaranteed their spot back in their league if they have three (3) returning players from last year’s team (see Note 1). The Draw Committee will then fill the remaining vacant spots starting at the top of the waiting list.

Note 1: a player is considered a returning member of the Team if the player played with that Team during the previous season and is listed in the previous season’s roster book.  Deadline for Team changes is the end of the third go-round. Any late changes must be approved by the Draw Committee which reports to the Board of Directors

Waiting List Ranking

One point will be awarded for each of the following: Shareholder; Player with Active Status (see Note 2).  The teams will then be ranked by the total points awarded to the primary four members of the Team (Fifth player & others are not counted).

The tie-breaking criteria are:

  1. The number of shareholders (see Note 3);
  2. The number of Active Status players from any evening league;
  3. The cumulative time the four Team members have been Shareholders (share acceptance date);
  4. The entry date of the application (as determined by the Club).

Note 2: Active Status is granted if a player played on a Team the previous season paid the required fees and is listed in the roster book (including Rovers, 5th player, etc.).

Note 3: A player may purchase a share at any time, however to be considered a shareholder for the purposes of this ranking process, the share(s) must have been approved by the Board of Directors on or before their last spring meeting (usually in May).

Junior Teams

The Board of Directors may place two (2) junior aged teams in the evening leagues.  The Draw committee will make best efforts to accommodate the night requested by the approved junior team.  For the Wednesday Womens’ and Thursday Mens’ Leagues, one spot will be made available if the league is not full per the Returning Team criteria; thereafter any vacant spot(s) will be filled from the Waiting List. For entry to any of the other nights, any player enrolled the previous season in the North Hill junior program will be accorded active status. Note: there are other 4:30 or weekend leagues that have accepted junior teams in the past.

A Junior Team Entry must be submitted to the Draw committee no later than the Registration deadline for the Evening Leagues. The application will only be valid for the current season; that is, the successful Junior Team(s) are not guaranteed a spot the following season as a Returning Team.

To be eligible, all players must be enrolled in a junior program (not necessarily at the North Hill) and all Team players must be eligible for Junior or younger competition.

Shareholder Application

Interested in becoming a shareholder at the North Hill Curling Club? Please download, print and complete the Shareholder Application Form and submit to the office with your payment.

Refund Policy (new for Covid-19)

Should our club be mandated to close indefinitely as a result of an Alberta Health shutdown, the following refund policy will be applied:

  • On or before Oct. 31 –  75% refund
  • On or before Nov. 30 – 50% refund
  • On or before Dec. 31 – 25% refund
  • On or before Jan. 31 –   0% refund