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Junior Development

For the more competitive North Hill junior curlers, who are on a team and thus desire/require more practice time with their coach, the North Hill Curling Club offers ice whenever it is available (advance booking is required in all cases). 

Please Note: Practice Ice is free to Members of the NHCC Junior Program and to those who help with the NHCC  Jr. Program. If you are not affiliated with NHCC the cost is $15 per person.

The North Hill also offers funding as a means to encourage competitive development. The details of the program are outlined on this link and must be submitted early in the season. Teams applying must represent the North Hill in playdown events.

During the curling season there are opportunities for all the juniors to participate in bonspiels from the Jam Can sponsored by the Calgary Youth Curling Association (CYCA) for Lite Rock curlers, to opportunities for Bantam, Juvenile and Junior spiels at various curling clubs in Calgary and area.

The Club will also reimburse aspiring coaches in obtaining their certifications (notice of intent to take courses and the like at the Club’s expense should be obtained from the office or the Club Executive).

The purpose of this funding is to assist competitive juvenile and junior curling teams from the North Hill Curling Club to continue curling and compete at a high calibre. This funding is a one-time only sponsorship grant of $500 to be paid to the applicant upon approval by the North Hill’s Board of Directors / Junior Committee. lf approved, this funding is to be used at the teams’ discretion for expenses related to competitive juvenile and junior curling in Alberta (e.g.: travel and equipment costs).  A sample application can be viewed here.

Junior Development Application


To be eligible for this funding, the following must apply:

  • All members of the team must be registered as Junior members (in good standing) of the North Hill Curling Club by the date of application;
  • The team must enter either the Alberta Playdowns (Juvenile and/or Junior) under the name of the North Hill Curling Club
  • The team must agree to apply a crest bearing the North Hill Curling Club logo on their team jackets throughout the Playdowns (crest supplied by the Club) and for the remainder of the curling season.
  • The funding application form must be filled out in full.


  • This funding is in addition to any funding provided by the North Hill Curling Club to assist teams who advance beyond the first level of Playdowns.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the North Hill Curling Club Board of Directors / Junior Committee.
  • Although applying for the NHCC Juvenile / Junior Team Sponsorship grant, the team is permitted to acquire other sources of funding in addition to this grant; however, all criteria listed above must still be met by the team or the funding will be revoked.

Example: A team with one NHCC Junior Member applies and receives the NHCC Juvenile / Junior Team Sponsorship grant. This team could then apply and receive funding from the curling club where the other three team members are registered Junior members. However, although this team received funding from both curling clubs, the team must enter the Juvenile or Junior Playdowns under the North Hill Curling Club name only (as outlined in this application) and the entire team must wear the NHCC crest, or the funding from the NHCC will be revoked. 

  • This funding is for the current curling season only and there is no guarantee that the North Hill Curling Club will continue this program for any future seasons. However, if the decision is made to continue this funding, teams will be eligible on a per-season basis.

Example: A team applies for and receives this funding for the previous season. lf this program continues for the current season, this team may re-apply and will receive this funding again if its application is successful. 

  • All applications will be reviewed by the North Hill Curling Club Board of Directors / Junior Committee.
  • Some applications may not be approved.  Please contact the Manager of the North Hill Curling Club at (403)277-3158 or if you have any questions regarding this funding or the application process.
  • Applications for the current season must be received at the North Hill Curling Club office by December 15th 6pm 
  • Late applications will not be considered. 

Complete the JrFundingApplication (pdf) and submit to us!