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Hogs & Hoppers

December 19-21, 2017

Each December, the North Hill breaks for the Holidays; but not before holding the “Hogs and Hoppers” bonspiel. The format is loosely based upon the Ryder Cup (golf); wherein each night one set of teams (Hogs) plays against the other “side” (Hoppers). Each side has an equal number of teams (maximum of twelve teams each).  The bonspiel goes for three nights with a differing format each night (see below).  Points are awarded for each game played and aggregated after each night of play. Points are allocated such that neither side can win before the final night.

This bonspiel is totally about fun and is a great way to introduce friends to curling. No one takes the competition that seriously (you can’t, as the other teams on your side won’t tolerate it!).  For the past few years, most teams are formed from within the Club but usually are not established teams.  That doesn’t mean that teams or players from other clubs or leagues aren’t welcomed; just that, it fills up fairly quickly.

The winning side does get a monetary reward, however it’s not that significant.  Prior to the event the Club solicits prizes (hats, sweaters, wine, re-gifts, golf balls; anything you have) from its membership. These are augmented as needed by the committee.  All are wrapped and numbered. Each participant draws for a prize; which leads to some interesting bartering afterwards!  It’s a great way to ease into the holidays.

The Rules:

  • Entry Fee per Team is $120. Two draws each night- 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Each side plays for points. The side with the most points at the end of the tournament wins bragging rights and Prizes. Two sides of 12 teams Hogs (Warthogs) and Hoppers (Grasshoppers).
  • Hogs will be RED Rocks, Hoppers YELLOW. 
  • Hammer on following nights will be determined by side (Hogs or Hoppers) that is leading in points. The team behind will have the Hammer.
  • The draw is split into three events – see below for each evenings’ layout

Tuesday Night:  Team Rotation Match (55 total points)

Hogs will have hammer on all sheets and throw Red stones

  • Teams identified in the draw will play a 6 end game. 5 points will be awarded to each sheets’ winning colour.
  • After each end the team will shift sheets. Hogs (red) will move right two sheets, Hoppers (yellow) will move left one sheet. 
  • The score will remain, with the new teams picking up on the game as it was left by the preceding team.

Evening Events: Chili served starting around 7 pm.

Starting draw:

6:30 Draw Time

Sheet # Warthogs (Hogs) Vs. Grasshoppers (Hoppers)
1 Larry Inaba Vs. Brian DeBernardo
2 Glen Ector Vs. Bill Simmons
3 Ray Hineman Vs. Graham Morrison
4 Wes Bradley Vs. Dennis Heacock
5 Chris Heikkinen Vs. Kate Ector
6 Ken Bowler Vs. Harvey Windover

8:30 Draw Time

Sheet # Warthogs (Hogs) Vs. Grasshoppers (Hoppers)
1 Tim Varga Vs. Terry Schiewe
2 Don McLaughlin Vs. Krista Solvason
3 Evan Lewis Vs. Lorna Edwards
4 Chris Wilkes Vs. Steve Varga
5 Tamsyn McLean Vs. Nelson Karpa

6 Tom dePeuter Vs. Blair Jarvis

Wednesday Night:  A Roll of the Die
 (110 total points)

Hogs will continue to throw Red stones. The hammer will be awarded to the side that is behind after Tuesday

Format: Dice Game. 6 Ends. Once the end is finished the dice is rolled. Scoring is as follows:

1. Traditional scoring method: closest to the pin.

2. Only rocks in front of the house count. The team with the most rocks in front wins the end. The score
is the difference between the number of rocks. (Team A has 6 rocks in front of the rings. Team B has 4
rocks in front of the rings. Team A gets 2 points.)

3. Rocks behind the T-Line, including out of play rocks wins the end. The score is the difference between
the number of rocks. (Team A has 2 rocks behind the line, Team B has 3 rocks behind the line. Team B
wins the end, 1 point.)

4. Traditional scoring with a twist: closest to the pin wins, except you reverse the points. (Team A is
closest to pin, but team B will receive their points)

5. Closest to the pin: all rocks on the NORTH side of the sheet are eliminated from play, including the
rocks touching the center line.

6. Closest to the pin: all rocks on the SOUTH side of the sheet are eliminated from play, including the
rocks touching the center line.

Evening Events: Munchies available after your game. Surprise Entertainment

Wednesday December 20th 6:30pm
Hogs Vs. Hoppers
Sheet 1 Chris Wilkes vs Nelson Karpa
Sheet 2 Ray Hineman vs Blair Jarvis
Sheet 3 Chris Heikkinen vs Ector 2.0
Sheet 4 Tim Varga vs Lorna Edwards
Sheet 5 Ector 1.0 vs Brian DeBernardo
Sheet 6 Tamsyn McLean vs Terry Schiewe

Wednesday December 20th 8:30pm
Hogs Vs. Hoppers
Sheet 1 Ken Bowler vs Harvey Windover
Sheet 2 Wes Bradley vs Graham Morrison
Sheet 3 Tom dePeuter vs Krista Solvason
Sheet 4 Larry Inaba vs Steve Varga
Sheet 5 Evan Lewis vs Bill Simmons
Sheet 6 Don McLaughlin vs Dennis Heacock

Reminder: Hogs will throw red rocks. Hoppers will have hammer in the first end.
Once all the rock have been thrown, roll the dice to determine the scoring of the
end. Consult the scoring sheets provided.

Thursday Night:  Skins Game (280 total points)

6:30pm Draw



Sheet 1

Don McLaughlin

Blair Jarvis

Sheet 2

Glen Ector 1.0

Kate Ector 2.0

Sheet 3

Wes Bradley

Harvey Windover

Sheet 4

C. Heikkinen

K. Solvason

Sheet 5

Ken Bowler

D. Heacock

Sheet 6

L. Inaba

B. Simmons


8:30pm Draw



Sheet 1

Tamsyn McLean

L. Edwards

Sheet 2

Tim Varga

Steve Varga

Sheet 3

Evan Lewis

B. DeBernardo

Sheet 4

Chris Wilkes

T. Schiewe

Sheet 5

Ray Hineman

N. Karpa

Sheet 6

T. DePeuter

G. Morrison


Hogs will continue to throw Red stones. The hammer will be awarded to the side that is behind after Wednesday’s games

Please prepare to be at the rink from 6:30-11:00pm, prizes will be after the final games. 

  • Each end will be worth points. Games will be 6 ends, a halftime break for libations is permitted.
  • Traditional skins rules in effect: Team with the hammer must score 2 or more, team without the hammer must steal 1 or more to win the end. Ends are carried over if not won. Any points not won in the final end are split evenly. Hammer transfers as per regular game. 
  • Two Point Values in Games:  Six Games will be worth 30 points (typically on late draw); the other five games will be worth 20 points
  • 20 points game scoring
    • End#1&2 (2 pts ea), End#3&4 (3 pts ea), End#5 (4 pts), End#6 (6 pts) 
  • 30 point game scoring
    • End#1&2 (3 pts ea), End#3 (4 pts), End#4 (5 pts), End#5 (6 pts), End#6 (9 pts) 

Social Events:

  • Finger Food available after the games.
    Gift Night – Santa has come early! Pick a number out of a hat to receive your gift.
    Door prizes drawn after the late game. (Must be present to Claim)
    Note to Skips:
    *If you have players under the age of 18 on your team please notify the office.*

Interested in playing?

The sign up sheet is at the bar in the lounge upstairs, or you may always contact us as well!